Jump Start

Automotive Jump Starts

Do you have a dead battery?  Did you forget to turn your car lights OFF? Don’t worry, TC Towing and Recovery of Traverse City is here to provide emergency car jump start service. We also offer on site mobile vehicle battery replacement. Want more information about mobile car battery replacement, visit our auto jump start service page.

TC Towing and recovery provides 24 hour emergency auto/vehicle jump start service in Traverse City and surrounding areas. Our goal is to always deliver fast and professional auto jump starts at affordable prices. We want our valued customer, you, to be happy with the jump start service that we have to offer. TC Towing and Recovery offers 12 or 24 volts battery jump starts, depending on your vehicle battery.

Portable Jump Start: We use a hand-portable battery, equipped with attached cables and charger, that is used similarly to another vehicle’s battery. The benefit of using portable boosters is that they may automatically sense the battery’s polarity prior to sending power to the vehicle, eliminating the damage that can result from reversing the connection.

Be Aware of Voltage Problems: Some jump starts are done with two batteries to provide 24 volts. Vehicles such a large trucks, excavation equipment, or vehicles with diesel engines may use 24-volt electrical systems. They usually have a 24V supply using two 12V automotive batteries in series.

Hybrid vehicles: may have a very small 12 volt battery system however, the 12-volt system of a hybrid vehicle is only required to start up the control system of the vehicle so a 12V jump start will successfully boost a hybrid vehicle.

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